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NYX Mega shine Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Nyx's signature lip gloss has a creamy lacquer finish with high impact color pay-off and beautiful shine and sheen.  Contains mineral and lanolin oils to condition and moisturise lips.  Choose from 61 different. by NYX


Hey Hey my gorgeous girlies out there here im introducing my fabulous collection of NYX Megashine Lipglosses hehehehe im so excited to show you these as i feel sooooooo proud ive got these super seriously you dont know what you are missing.......Yes ok i only have 7 of the 61 shade but its better than nothing isnt it :) :) :)  oh i dont even know where to start :) here goes...........

First of all let me mention the tops of these lip glosses aint they soooo cute and fab
pretty little bows are so girlie :) i love it

I have to say this is so far the one best lip glosses i have ever purchased and believe me i have bought quite a few.  I mean oh my god WOWWWWW.  At first i wasnt sure about buying them even though i love NYX but because i got them on special i thought "ah sure i might as well".  I am sooooooo glad I DID!!!!....  They are incredibly smooth and creamy on the lips and are not as sticky as most lip glosses. Most of them super pigmented and fully opaque and can be used in place of a lipstick. 

 French Kiss, Vanilla, Pink Frost, Chandelier, Beautiful, Miami Babe & Chestnut  in natural light

Taken in sunlight 
I must admit i started off with the first 2 shades but then i had to go buy 5 more that will do me for the moment  and i mean "at the moment ;)) But i am Super Impressed with these 7 Especially "Pink Frost" & "Chandelier"  i love love love Them!!  oh and the scent off these are just mmmmmmmm i love it.  I must have spent like 2 days sniffing them trying to think of what it reminded me of haha........& it kinda smells like "Marzipan" (i think) the scent you literally would smell all say , its sweet but not overpowering i just love it.  The "Chandelier" and "Chestnut"  Smell different they smell like "Bubblegum"

"Pink Frost" my favourite so far
Pink Frost:  oh this shade is sooooooo cute.....perfect with a dark smoky eye dab some on you and it just gives you that perfect baby pink with a little sparkle on your lips.....i feel like ive got JLO's lips mmmmmmmmm KISSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Smoother you lips with it and you will get the fab pink frosting look if you like that sorta look.

"French Kiss"
French Kiss: I love how the color looks on my lips. Its fabulous and somehow a nice layer of this on your lips makes your lips look plump.....this is perfect for everyday wear or over lipstick to make it really stand out 

Nyx megashine Gloss in Vanilla 
Vanilla:  When i got this shade i thought the name wasnt really suitable for this shade....i imagined Vanilla would be more nude but anyhuuuuu This is a shimmery light-medium golden-beige shade w/ the teeniest hint of bronze. this would be a perfect shade for someone who has medium to dark skin tone but i wear this lightly on its own and its fab!!!

Nyx Megashine Gloss in "Chandelier"(Love this)
Chandelier:  Well This is one of my favourites girls this is definitely one for your collection!!!!!  This shade is a warm pink with gold micro glitter.....just look at it on my come on be honest would you not kish those lips mmmmwwwhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!

Nyx Megashine Gloss in "Beautiful" (newest shade just in for the summer)
Beautiful:   Lives to its name!!!! it's a soft pink w/ a small amount of shimmer, this is again perfect to wear with a smoky eye.....again reminds me of JLO's lips and in some way makes your lips look a tad plumper...... this one is in my bag i wear it during the day or over lippie !!!!!!! 

Nyx Megashine in "Miami Babe" 
Miami Babe:  this wouldnt be one of my favourites but it is a smooth, shiny mauvey pinky-nude shade (no glitter/shimmer)....and i find that this one is more on the watery side too but is still a fab gloss :) 

Nyx Megashine in "Chestnut"
Chestnut:  a pinky/peachy/goldish shimmery beige absolutely fabulous shade :) if you you have a pale skin tone only a light layer would do as its highly pigmented.....but stand out it the sunlight and your lips will surely stand out i love it i would definitely keep this one for nights out and wear it alone :) 

My Overall Opinion 
The Best thing about these also is when it dries out it disappears, unlike some lip glosses that leaves a kind of off white line going across your lip.  The slanded wand that is in all of them is so soft and allows you to apply your gloss so evenly.
If you a lip gloss fan like me you are 100% gonna love love love these.  I highly recommend these and i know for sure im gonna be buying alot more of these babies :) :).  Go Get them Girlies see those lips Shine Shine Shine :) I promise you wont regret it.  You will have the most irresistible kissable lips around and if your single your sure to be noticed with these babies ;)

The 61 shades available but dont go by the shades on the sites as they are not 100% accurate 
You can purchase these at:

Thanks so much for taking you time to read my review and can i also add that these glosses were bought out of my own pocket and for my own personal use. this review is my own honest opinion of what i think of them.....when i see and use something that is worth parting with your money i will surely tell you all and this is my only reason for starting this blog i hope in some way it helps you girlies because i know word of mouth is sooooo much better than advertisement...

so girlies until next time 
mind yourselves and hope you are all well where ever you are 
lots of shiny irish kisses to you 
nina :) xoxoxox


Janina said...

Great Review and swatches :)


Nina said...

thanks very much Janina :)

Christine Iversen said...

These look so pretty :) Sadly I only own one off the shades, but definitely want more :)

Love Christine ♥

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